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IT Support

We solve problems and come up with solutions. Then we provide continuous IT SUPPORT from our team of highly skilled professionals.

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We are sure to find the perfect solution to meet your business needs and budget. New hardware can improve your company performance and productivity.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is everywhere, but do you understand how it can benefit your business? In today’s competitive marketplace businesses like yours…

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Understanding your business is the first stage to successful I.T. and Telecoms support

At Highlander I.T. & Telecoms caring for your technology and having the integrity to do what we say we’re going to is the foundation of our business. It is also the reason that we have a long history of delighted customers. Our team of friendly and highly skilled business managers and technical staff are always on hand to provide guidance through the complexities of technology in your workplace…freeing you up to focus on your business.


With almost 20 years experience in developing systems for Small and Medium Sized Organisations, Highlander’s success has been in upholding its core principles in service delivery, which are:


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Jon Carr – Telecoms Manager, Highlander.

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More Charity Support

Lynda Ollivent – Marketing Manager

On September 27th ...

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