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Company History


Highlander Business Solutions was founded in 1995 and established by the, still current Chief Executive, Robert Massie.

We started out life as a retail outlet for consumers to purchase PC based systems and operated from a shop premises in Sheffield. The company quickly established itself as a supplier of reliable machines and this lead to the first commercial opportunity, to supply PC’s and assistive technology to Sheffield College, providing equipment to disabled students.


After this success Highlander decided to close its retail operation, to concentrate solely on a business to business market. However, after some positive initial uptake for IT support, it was clear that growth had slowed considerably and fresh impetuous was needed to take the company forward.

New Chairman

In 1997 a new Chairman, Richard Field OBE, (read his profile on our Directors page < insert link>) was installed and a strategy for growth was developed. Predominantly focused on the quality of our service this new strategy was centered around client retention and instilling a caring attitude into all Highlander employees, a focus which still forms the cornerstone of our business today.

With less than a dozen employees at the time, there was a clear direction the company would undertake which had three key focusses:

  • Investment in engineering resource and technical staff. This included a steady recruitment drive for trained engineers with a client focus and in depth experience. It also involved a large focus on training to ensure that all technical staff were trained to the highest levels and that they provided the highest levels of customer service possible.
  • The second investment was to install a new commercial account team. This team is responsible for managing the client from a commercial aspect, ensuring quotations are completed accurately, projects are managed correctly and most importantly, the design and implementation of IT strategies are developed for our clients. They work closely with the technical team to guarantee the technologies proposed fit with the client’s infrastructure and needs.
  • The final achievement was to install the technology systems to support these business units. This was completed in May 2008.

New Premises

In 2007 Highlander moved to new, purpose built premises on Shepcote Lane. This investment allowed us to accommodate our expanded business units and to provide continued first class service to our existing customers and new businesses.


With the rapid growth in convergence of data and telephone systems, Highlander diversified into the telecoms arena in 2002, providing telephone systems and support to complement its data offering. Now known as Highlander I.T. and Telecoms we are still a values oriented and approachable I.T. company who takes time to understand YOUR business and improve processes and productivity through the provision of excellent technology solutions and support services.

What does our future look like?

Highlander I.T. and Telecoms continues to focus on providing first class customer service in all areas of our business. We are constantly developing our people so they are skilled to the highest levels and provide the best customers care; and we seek to only bring people into the organisation who fit with this ethos.

Improving the productivity and capability of our clients remains a top priority. We will focus on enabling our customers to benefit from new technologies by working with first class I.T. vendors and partners. Constantly working on new ways to engage with our customers is of utmost importance to us and developing the right strategies and systems to support this is key.

Cloud technology has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years but how do you know what’s right for YOUR business? Highlander I.T. and Telecoms are experts in the field of Cloud Computing and see it as an important solution for the future of our clients, enabling them to improve productivity and reduce costs from within their business. We have invested heavily in our Cloud ‘practice’ and will continue to do so in order that we can help our customers benefit from the latest offerings.

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A message from the Chairman

Highlander is a company with integrity. Always highly professional, its commitment to customer care, business systems and investing in the right people is truly impressive. Add to this its enthusiasm and solid financial foundations, and you have a business that can look to the future with real confidence. We´re now exploring new technologies to offer our clients the widest possible choice to keep them at the cutting edge of business innovation. (Richard D Field OBE, Chairman)