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Highlander are an I.T. and telecoms provider with a strong reputation for delivering the highest standards in support, project delivery and commercial guidance.

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With almost 20 years experience in developing and supporting systems for Small and Medium Sized Organisations, Highlander’s success has been in upholding its core principles in service delivery;



Highlander ensure customer service is at the forefront of its daily operations. From its technical staff, through to service delivery personnel, through to Accounts, all employees share the responsibility of keeping customers happy and understand their daily “moments of truth” with each client


The customer feedback we have received has given us confidence in our approach and helped us to deepen our relationships. This confidence is grounded and based on truth, not self-belief. It’s also one of the major reasons we are open with our clients, you could say we are very approachable. We never hide behind industry science or jargon, and prefer uncomplicated and straight forward communication.

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Who are you?

You are a company that believes I.T. and telecoms are critical components of your organisation and without them, you would struggle to operate effectively. You understand the importance of I.T. and the commercial gains that a solid infrastructure, dynamic systems and an empowered workforce can provide for your organisation.

You will be loyal to your suppliers that provide excellent customer service, whilst open-minded about approaching a new organisation where you feel you may be vulnerable.

You demand high levels of service and insist that the people supporting your infrastructure are not only the best technical people available in the industry, but are able to communicate in a way that makes sense to you.

You are responsible or share the responsibility for your organisation being successful and you want to engage with an I.T. provider that shares your vision for innovation, customer service and commercial success.

You want your I.T and telecoms to be better. If this is you,

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