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9Mar 2016
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Client feedback

It’s always nice to hear that we are doing a good job, especially when a client takes the time to thank the team. We had the pleasure of receiving the following feedback from the IT manager of a local distribution company this week.

‘I would like to thank the team at Highlander I.T. & Telecoms for the excellent service you have provided to the Group. From the initial support take on, diagnosing our system issues, getting the best out of what was installed, to the specification and implementation of Office 365 and Server 2012 on premise, which was delivered on time and budget. Mollie Ellis, David Parsons and Neil Day have provided our business with a system to meet the growing demands of the business and allow the upgrade to Navision 2016.’

‘On a personal note, I have used Highlander while working at three companies and over 10 years, I have found the entire team from Sales, Support, Accounts and the Management at Highlander not only very friendly, professional and flexible, but also extremely knowledgeable often overcoming problems that I inherited.’

‘We look forward to the continued support Highlander provide.’

Thankyou Mollie, David and Neil for your excellent service to this client.

See more feedback in our ‘Client Reviews‘ section.


1Oct 2015
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Cathedral Archer Project – Sleep Out

Last Friday’s group night out wasn’t a typical one for a group of Highlander colleagues and I this weekend.

Darryl Beresford, Elizabeth Spence, Rich Chadwick, Sean Hawkins and myself donned thermals, hats and gloves and bedded down in sleeping bags for the night as we slept outside Sheffield Cathedral, to raise funds and awareness of charities work with homeless and vulnerable adults in Sheffield.

Highlander Archer Project

The Cathedral Archer Project has been running for just over 25 years, helping homeless people achieve a better life by supporting them to:

  • Develop their independence
  • Improve their ability to tackle setbacks
  • Improve their ability to identify and change negative behaviour
  • Improve their wellbeing

We spent time talking to the volunteers at the project, learning about the support offered.  From health and hygiene, through to food, drinks, clothing and laundry. We gained an insight into the issues and adversities that homeless people face. We also spent a time with homeless and former homeless people, to learn first-hand how life is when you have no-where to call home: Where and how you survive and how projects such as Archer are making positive changes and helping people who have slipped out of society.

Putting together all of what we have seen and learned, it is clear that our societies stereotypes of the homeless does not reflect the reality.

Many of the people we met and heard about had no choice in the path that took them to be homeless. We heard stories of neglect and worse. Many had made one simple wrong choice that had led them to the streets. Trusting the wrong person, losing their job, even trying to find work in a different place.

One thing is clear. This group of people will go forward and help where we can. The homeless all have their own story, they are all in need in some way and all need support to survive. If you would like to help then talk to us. If you would like to donate to our just giving page

11Aug 2015
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Cloud basics for your business

The growing requirement for users to be able to work whilst ‘on the move’ over the past decade has seen a shift in business attitudes to prefer Cloud solutions. In its basic form, cloud computing is having your services, applications and data in a secure location accessed via your internet connection. The most obvious benefits to cloud computing are;

  • The requirement for business to maintain or manage the kit on their site, is removed
  • As long as you have an internet connection, it can be accessed from anywhere. Snow day? No problem. Natural disaster? No problem.
  • Capacity is no longer an issue, cloud is a ‘pay for what you need’ service, so can be grown in line with your business

As businesses increase their need for external resources, the change in relationship with IT service partners will naturally come as a result. Businesses need consultative relationships with their IT service partners to ensure that they buy the right things, manage the services effectively and more importantly, are moving forward with technology, instead of getting locked into old models.

27Jul 2015
business, IT Trends, Telephony Comments Off on The end of ISDN..!

The end of ISDN..!

Jon Carr – Telecoms Manager, Highlander.

ISDN lines have been earmarked for the technology scrapheap ever since VOIP emerged in the market back in 2004. The reports of ISDN’s demise were greatly exaggerated and 11 years later this technology is still relevant and serving the vast majority of businesses.

However, in the latest press release from BT Group they have stated their intention to migrate all customers to the IP network by 2025. This has been rumoured many times in the industry but never before has BT set a date for a switch off, until now.

As a consequence, over time customers will be forced migrate their services from the traditional ISDN service to the VOIP alternatives such as SIP.

Should anyone be concerned and alarmed by this? No is the simple answer. Switch off is many years away but make a plan to introduce new service, why wait until you’re forced!

At Highlander we’ve implement VOIP lines (SIP) to sit alongside our traditional lines so we’re in the best possible position, keeping pace with the ever changing face of technology and a transition we’re helping our clients achieve which, in most cases, is seeing the cost of their communications platform significantly decrease.

23Jul 2015
business, IT Trends Comments Off on Microsoft’s $7.6billion Gamble

Microsoft’s $7.6billion Gamble

It’s been interesting watching the fall-out from Microsoft’s withdrawal from the mobile device market. Many would say that it was a market they could never achieve in and they were crazy to think that they could challenge the likes of Apple and Samsung and gain market share from the leaders.

It was a gamble worth taking however as the Nokia Lumia market was showing signs of growth and having a dedicated OS integrated device platform was a huge appeal. Unfortunately for Microsoft, the offer for consumers just wasn’t compelling enough and penetration into the business market was very limited – you just couldn’t take their iPhones or Android devices out of their hands.

What the “re-focus” will allow Microsoft to do is continue as market leaders in software development, particularly since the maturity of Office 365 and the cloud services platform they’ve been able to create. As business technologies are reshaped, Microsoft stand at the forefront of this evolution and a continuation of migration to cloud services, particularly for core infrastructure, the future will still look very strong once the dust has settled.

8Jul 2015
charity, Uncategorised Comments Off on More Charity Support

More Charity Support

Lynda Ollivent – Marketing Manager

On September 27th our Commercial Director, Chris Muscroft, and a group of other elite athletes (cleverly disguised as middle aged geriatrics!) will be taking on the challenge of running the Loch Ness Marathon. The main reason for this ‘monster’ task is to raise money for a great cause…Sheffield Young Carers.


Yorkshire Puddings Team Photo

The money that is raised for this charity goes directly to helping kids from our local community. Sheffield Young Carers offers support to children and young people aged 8 – 25 who live in Sheffield and provide care for one or more family members who have disabilities, chronic physical illnesses, mental health difficulties or problems with drug or alcohol misuse.

If you’d like to support Chris in his challenge, you can sponsor him and his team (appropriately names the Yorkshire Puddings) on his fundraising site here. Check out their training schedule here.

Go the Puddings!