Highlander has always viewed telephone systems as a critical application which sits on your network. Because of the convergence between data networks and voice networks, our experience of the best providers in the industry are those that have evolved from an I.T. background, rather than a telecoms background.

The principal reason for this is how calls travel across your network, how it integrates with your I.T. systems and crucially, how important it is to most organisations.

Highlander has a team of telecoms engineers that provide on-going support and guidance for our clients, as well as designing and implementing complex environments including:

  • Call centre environments
  • Voice recording solutions
  • I.P. telephony and multi-site location integration
  • Management information systems (for call monitoring)

To achieve the highest standards in value and support, Highlander have engaged with the leading industry providers in this field, Mitel, Avaya, Siemens, Cisco and all leading Mobile providers.

Together, we can offer a competitive solution for any environment, whatever the size.

If your phone system requires upgrading or if you’re not receiving the service you feel you should from your current provider, please call on 0114 2923800 or email

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